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Don’t let the suit fool you. I mainly work from home with my hyper active cocker spaniel beside me. Sometimes I work from the coffee shop, when the kids get loud and I feel like I need to get out of the house :). And whenever we travel, I often do it from the beach, as long as there's wi-fi. Sometimes the connection can be sketchy.

Anyways, let me make this short and sweet.

When people ask me what I do, it’s a little hard to explain, unless they know anything about advertising and internet marketing.

How do you explain that you do “stuff” on the internet, from your house and it makes money? So I just tell people I’m a marketing consultant. Which in reality doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of everything I have my fingers in.

For those who “get” our business, here’s the short of it…

I help people launch online businesses and work with entrepreneurs to create marketing and advertising campaigns that significantly boost their bottom line. I write sales letters, videos, emails and all kinds of ads. On top of that I have an e-commerce business and nutraceutical company.

All in all I've produced over $10 Million in sales, between my own products, affiliate promotions and marketing campaigns for others.

You can check out my rollercoaster of an entrepreneurial journey HERE.

I also run a blog called Success Thread. I consider it personal development & motivation with a healthy dose of reality on what it REALLY takes to achieve success.

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